Lyteflex Dynamic Gym

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The Lyteflex Dynamic Gym can be used on any standard door*, making it ideal to use at home and while travelling.

- The Dynamic Gym was designed with avid gym goers in mind therefore it has a maximum resistance of 50kg.

- The premium resistance bands used in the Dynamic Gym only reach 75% of their maximum stretch, this gives a smoother, weight like feeling while using the Dynamic Gym.

- Our dedicated team ensured that the Dynamic Gym is lightweight and travel friendly.

- The Dynamic Gym weighs less than 2 kgs and fits in a compact drawstring bag, perfect product to take along when travelling 

* please note that shipping is only available in south Africa *

if you wish to purchase this product outside of South Africa then please contact us so we can arrange an alternative to suit your needs.

What you get :
  • 1x standard handle                          
  • 1x mini bar     
  • 1x ankle strap
  • 1x nylon pull strap
  • 1x pulley mount
  • 1x steel cable
  • 4x resistance bands (approx. 3kg each)   
  • 1x door stop 
  • 1x workout guide
  • 1x drawstring bag       
all parts come with a 12 month carry in warranty*